Another Sunday on the Back Row

Today I came to church to collect some information from my Scoutmaster. I'm close to earning my Eagle--too close to not get it now. However, as upheld by the Supreme Court, the BSA has the right to exclude homosexuals from its membership. Essentially, the coveted Eagle rank is keeping me in the Church and the closet. Call me a coward, I don't want to run 90% of the race and then turn back on the last leg. I hope to be finished with it very soon.

* * *

During Sacrament I noticed a little girl a couple of rows in front of me reading a book called 'What Makes a Rainbow?'

...Maybe someday she and the rest of tomorrow's Mormons will find, face, and embrace the answer to that question.


A Gay Mormon Boy said...

A noble hope to have for the next generation. Aren't the details of life magnificent?

BB said...

The Eagle is completely worth it. It helped me land my job. I hope and pray that the future generations will learn what it takes to make a rainbow. But it will take work from us to make it so.

Twinky Chink said...

Ew that BSA policy is awful. I'd say to go for the Eagle. It's quite nice on applications.

Mister Curie said...

I knew of the BSA policy toward leaders, but I didn't realize it also applied toward the boys. That sucks for you! Watching "Were the World Mine" last night made me idealize and daydream about how life would be different if I had come out in High School. Your post reminds me of how difficult it can actually be to be out, and especially in the church, it sounds like its a lot less than ideal.

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Yes, I do want to have my Eagle if only to help spruce up my college and job apps. And I should clarify that I am at this point largely closeted--almost entirely so at school and church--so the trouble is not so much that I'm gay as it is that I must remain in the closet until I finish the damnable project.
...I don't like the Scouts' policy if for no other reason than the fact that it's blatant discrimination. But heaven forbid Scout Mom send her little cub off to camp with a limp-wristed tent-mate.