The Alias: Frank Lee Scarlet

Any one else tired? Some lighter stuff.

Why "Frank Lee Scarlet"?

As a kid who's gone by three different last names for my real identity, I tend to take the Romeo stance on names: "That which is called a rose would smell as sweet by any other name."

I like to think of my MoHo blogging role as one that involves pushing the envelope a bit. Sort of how Gone With the Wind did in the famous line, "Frankly, Scarlet..." (Quick! Say "Frank Lee Scarlet" five times fast!)

As for the actual name of the blog, at the time of christening I was thinking about the stigma that gay members of the community have placed upon them. Nathaniel Hawthorne inevitably came to mind.

And the URL? Sometimes I see the world very optimistically, through deeply rose-colored glasses; at other times, my vision is, I admit, melodramatically woeful, as if my lenses were tinted with blood. Either way, my specs are, well, scarlet.


Anonymous said...

I love me some Gone With the Wind!

Sarah said...

Fun post. D., would it kill you to know I have never seen it, at least not all the way through?

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Thought you might appreciate that, D.!

Thanks, Sarah!