Checking In (and Out?)

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their concern and support. You are so very kind. I am well but haven't posted lately mainly because of a new and more rigorous trimester in school.

It has been hectic lately.

A positive: it was so nice to put some faces with names at the Matis Christmas Fireside! Thanks to those who organized it, and to everyone who shared their abundant talent with us (Scott and Sarah!). Also so nice to meet some new friends there.

Beyond that, we continue to have a healthy (well, you know what I mean) dose of contention in our home. Probably not helped by your humble correspondent, who suffers from a male version of PMS, it would seem. And that is not helped by the unrelenting ignorance of and harassment from my sister. And that is not helped by the homophobia-affirming dogmas cherished by her dad, uncle, and church. I had to escape from it all, so I started my car and headed for...the library. (Take that, Establishment.) And it is from that locale that I am writing this now, putting off the homework that menacingly awaits me in my overstuffed backpack... which I dutifully brought along. (Yes, I'm quite the rebel, I know.)

...And due to that last and most time-consuming inconvenience, I can't make any promises about the fluency of my posts for a while. Right now, I hardly have the time to sleep or eat, so blogging , I'm afraid, must be bumped down a couple slots on the list of priorities. If things go downhill, I'll let you know, but in the meantime, I'll try to read a few blogs here and there, and thanks again for your kindness!

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darkdrearywilderness said...

hehe...well it's good to know that you're surviving :)