Just Dropping In

Hello! My name is Frank Lee Scarlet, and I'm new to the MoHo blogging community, though I've been following Dichotomy and Garet's blog for a while. (Yes, "Frank Lee Scarlet" is a pseudonym, but it lends itself well to my purposes.)

Currently, I am an LDS teenager living in a mostly Mormon, medium-sized city in the western United States. The people around give special meaning to the term "straight and narrow(-minded)"--I have a great family, ward, school, and town, but let's just say I am rooted in the closet for now. As such, this blog is an outlet for me to express the ideas I wouldn't necessarily share with those around me.

I also decided to start Scarlet's Letters for my venting needs. Sorry in advance if this is a bit sporadic, but I'm involved in a number of other organizations and projects that keep me rather busy.

I hope my thoughts will be of use or enjoyment to someone out there, and look forward to bouncing ideas and support around with you all. Thanks!

P.S. You can contact me via Facebook or comments.


Anonymous said...

Welcome. Please know that you're loved!

Frank Lee Scarlet said...

Thanks! It means a lot to me.

Captain Midnight said...

Welcome! I look forward to reading your posts :)